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July 2017: Protesting Ark Park and Kentucky Theocracy

In this episode we discuss the recent Ark Park Protest, the Trinity Lutheran playground SCOTUS decision, and other church/state issues. We also have a discussion with Detryck Von-Doom and his background and activism, issues affecting black atheists, and Gov. Bevin’s ‘prayer walk’ solution to crime. Upcoming Events with Louisville Atheists & Freethinkers July 24: League of Women Voters President Dee Pregliasco August 14: Lydia Mason, FFRF Student of Color EssayScholarship Winner See the full LAF events calendar here: Kentucky Freethought Convention 2017 Kentucky Secular Society Check out this...

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June 2017: “Prayer Walks”, Abortion Clinic Buffers, and Pride Month

In this episode we talk about Gov. Bevin’s proposed prayer walks to address crime in the west end, the proposal of a safety buffer zone at the EMW Women’s Surgical Center — the final operating abortion clinic in Kentucky, and, in recognition of Pride Month, the issues of the LGBTQ community and how we can support them. Relevant Links: The buffer zone Reactions to the Governor’s prayer walk plan The Fairness Campaign The 2017 Kentucky Freethought Convention Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers             Check out this...

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May 2017: The Return of Blasphemy in the Bluegrass

It’s the return of Blasphemy In The Bluegrass! We are now recording in a new location, and with a new set of hosts — all of which will be explained in the show. We talk about Pascal’s Wager, FCA intrusions into public school sports programs, charter schools, attempts by Christian extremists to disrupt the last open abortion clinic in Kentucky. And the upcoming Kentucky Freethought Convention! Relevant links:   Check out this...

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Major Church/State Issues in Kentucky

(Reposted from The Kentucky Secular Society) Here is a list of Ky House and Senate Bills in process and my brief thoughts about each. The links go to the text of the bills so you can review them if you want to see more detail. KY is going crazy. House Bill 128, Creation of Biblical Literacy Course Opposed because this is an opportunity for teachers to preach religion in the classroom. If this course is really for literary purposes, it should include other mythologies and literatures that have impacted our culture as well. House Bill 103, Charter School bill permitting existing private and religious schools into charter schools for the purpose of receiving tax money. Opposed to charter schools because they do not serve the public in the way that public schools do and bleed funds away from the public schools. House Bill 105, Religious Freedom bill prohibiting jail or fines on the basis of denial of services for religious convictions. This is a license for people and businesses to discriminate against LGBT people in particular due to their religious beliefs. House Bill 2, Require Ultrasound before all abortions It’s ridiculous to require women who are exercising their rights to medical treatment to undergo an unnecessary and costly medical procedure. There is no reason for this other than blocking and shaming abortion. House Bill 106,...

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February 2017: Dan Canon

In this episode we talk with civil rights lawyer Dan Canon about the stability of marriage rights under the new administration, the executive order affecting immigration rights, and the general state of America. ——— Here are the upcoming Atheist and Freethought events around the Bluegrass state for February! On February 1: Tristate Freethinkers is hosting What the pope doesn’t know about human sexuality, and much more. With Keynote Speaker: Darrel Ray From 7 to 9 at Newport on the Levee   On February 2: The Humanist Forum of Central Kentucky is hosting NOAA scientist Mike Callahan & Darwin Day! Mike Callahan, Service Hydrologist for NOAA, will be talking about the model used by meteorologists for weather prediction at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington from 7pm to 8:30   On February 5: The Owensboro Area Humanists are holding their monthly volunteering event at the Daniel Pitino Shelter, starting at 11am. Each month they prepare, cook, and serve meals at the Daniel Pitino Shelter soup kitchen. Volunteers are needed and appreciated.   On February 6: Lexington Atheists will have their monthly social event Atheist Encounter at the Golden Corral   Ongoing meetings of the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers include Reasonable Living on Sundays at 10:00 AM, at Molly Malones Something’s Brewing on Wednesdays, 7:00pm, at Safai Café Secular Organization for Sobriety on Thursdays at 7:00 at Heroes Comics...

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