This month we discuss, among other things, the work on Owensboro Area Humanists at the Pitino Shelter, the rollback of the ACA contraceptive mandate and other reproductive justice news, and the town hall meeting hosted by AU Louisville featuring Rep John Yarmuth, Attica Scott, and Dan Canon.

Also, stay tuned after we are done talking to hear the KFC2017 presentation by cult-survivor Shawna Middleton!

Owensboro Area Humanists on Facebook

Owensboro Area Humanists Facebook Group

Here is the link to the live-streamed video of the AU Town Hall. Fast-forward to the 11 minute mark to skip to the start of the meeting.

Reproductive Justice issues:

H.R.147: The Prenatal Nondescrimination Act

The Real Cost of Birth Control

Not mentioned in the podcast, but relevant to Louisville: The Local Reproductive Freedom Index report for Louisville. We get 1 1/2 starts out of 5. You can also look up the scores for other cities on the site.

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